Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped Wire Mesh
AMSS Crimped Wire Mesh is used in industries where sieving is prevalent. AMSS Crimped Wire Meshes are generally put in series in order to generate and separate the finest particles of chemicals, fertilizers, cement and pharmaceuticals.
Making Material :
AMSS Crimped Wire Mesh is made up of Low & Medium Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel, MS, G-1, Copper, Brass.
Product range :
AMSS Crimped Wire Mesh are available in a wide range between 6mm to 25mm sq with desired width and length. The wire diameter ranges from 2mm to 6mm.
End use :
AMSS Crimped Wire Mesh are used in industries for Filtering, Sizing, Grading, Separating, Shifting and have got domestic use as Grid Window, Rack, Lift, Cages, Guards, Trays, Partitions and many more.
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are made up of quality raw materials and have longer working life.

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