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Vibrating Screen Cloths

Vibrating Screen Cloths
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Vibrating Screen Cloths have a major role in conducting Sieving Processes.
Design :
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are custom designed. Special purpose Plungers & Vibrating Rods are inserted within the spread of the Screen Cloth to guard it against the tear. The Principle of Damping is used in their designing.
Making Material :
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are made up of Spring Steel ( high & medium Carbon Steel ), Stainless Steel of all grades & any other desired Metal according to its application.
Product Range :
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are available in sizes from 12 m to 100 mm with wire diameter from 2 mm to 16 mm.
Application Areas :
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths have got an extensive use in industries like : Power Plants, Coal, Chemical, Mining, Paper & Pulp, Quarrying, Iron Ore & Steel, Cement and Stone Crushing, etc.
End Use
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are used for works like Sizing, Shifting, Grading, Separating, Scalping and Washing.
AMSS Vibrating Screen Cloths are made up of quality raw materials and have longer working life.
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