Wire Mesh Fabrication

Wire Mesh Fabrication
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Wire Mesh Fabrication is one of the proud service of AMSS related to wire mesh industry. Customized Fabrication is at it’s core and a wide range of Fabricating Wire Mesh is the result.
Product range :
AMSS provides any type of Mesh with Wire Diameter starting from 2.5mm.
Making Material :
Desired Metal according to its application.
Area Of Application :
AMSS Wire Mesh are widely used in all type of processing industries such as Mining, Food, Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Dairy, Refinery, etc.
End use :
AMSS Wire Mesh are best for making Basket, Strainer, Filter, Trays, Protective Guards, Catalyst Support Grid as per drawing.

 Spring Steel Wire Mesh
Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh
Galvanized Square Wire Mesh
Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh
Vibrating Screen Cloths

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